How to return a male Capricorn

How to return a male Capricorn

Capricorn – the man capricious and stubborn. If you left, to return it rather difficult, for this purpose you should put a lot of effort. You know subtleties of character of the darling therefore you will be able gradually to gain his trust and to reach the guy's heart.


1. Trying to return the Capricorn, consider that the man should not guess that you want to start the relations over again. If you directly begin to ask darling to forgive you, he, most likely, will show in relation to you absolute indifference and carelessness. But if you suddenly are gone from the field of his sight, after a while the Capricorn itself will begin to look for with you meetings.

2. Your darling does not hurry to call and does not come to you? Think where it is possible to happen upon him. Having seen you for a moment, he will not think that you specially looked for it, but feelings can fill his heart again. He did not see you quite long time, tried to extinguish in himself love, and the sudden meeting will set him thinking that can still be returned.

3. Be engaged in self-improvement, find for yourself some new hobby, create other image. When you get to talking with the former partner, he to be surprised that during separation you changed to the best. It can lead to a new round of your relations.

4. Communicate to friends of your beloved, find out which of them can become yours an assistant in so difficult action. Support from acquaintances not only will help you morally, so you will always be aware of the events which are taking place in life of your Capricorn.

5. If the man agreed to try to return the relations, analyze that in the past in them did not suit it. Perhaps your some trait of character led to quarrels. If you try to remove as much as possible irritating factors, the Capricorn will feel that you value his love. Try to bring something new in the relations. In soul the man of this sign - the romantic, and he will be pleasantly surprised if you make a love surprise. For example, arrange to the Capricorn a dinner by candlelight, he will estimate your step. The more similar high points will appear in your relations, the stronger the Capricorn will become attached to you.

6. Be not upset if the man does not show at first special emotions. The representative of this sign very reserved therefore can not show an initiative after reconciliation, having taken a waiting attitude. Try not to be overzealous in the attempts to return the relations, the Capricorn does not love persistence. Pretend that to have no objection with him, but you will not be upset if nothing leaves. Similar approach will provoke the Capricorn, the man will try to get you to fall in love. As a result, chasing this purpose, he will become attached to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team