How to return attention of the husband

How to return attention of the husband

Often in life there is such situation when in several years of joint life the woman begins to notice that interest in it from her partner not such bright as earlier. At the same time, if the man began to pay not enough attention, then in the head to many women thoughts of the competitor, and that they are partly guilty of decrease in interest very few people think begin to climb. But fatigue, big loadings at work can also cause that the man just lacks forces for something else.


1. Look at yourself in a mirror and try to give yourself an objective assessment. Perhaps earlier you looked much better, were more slender, and on the head there was always a beautiful laying? If on all these questions the answers are not consoling, then it is urgently necessary to do something. Register to the gym, to the pool. Even if you have a good figure, sports activities will not be superfluous. You go to beauty shop and change a hairstyle, hair color. Make some other cosmetic procedures which will help you to look fresher and it is more beautiful. Change technology of drawing a make-up, you can even attend special courses of a vizazh where for couple of days you will be taught various options of a make-up.

2. Look in what you go at home. The old washed-off dressing gown, the stretched sports pants and a dirty t-shirt obviously cannot cause inflow of desire and interest in your second half. Now in shops is on sale so much convenient, but at the same time beautiful home clothing, so be spent and buy a beautiful house dress or a suit.

3. Also critically estimate also the clothes in general. Perhaps in it prevail boring tone, uninteresting clothes in the form of jeans, sports pants and t-shirts. The man always wants to see near himself the well-groomed, stylish woman. If you do not correspond to this definition, then it is worth going to shop and to radically change the clothes. You can even resort to the help of the stylist who will help to pick up the beautiful clothes corresponding to your character and a way of life.

4. Think on what subjects you daily communicate with the husband. Perhaps it became just boring for him near you? To listen daily about the household chores redone by you and also the news got from your girlfriends very few people long will be able to sustain. Be engaged in self-education, go to some courses, be interested more in what occurs in the world. Become for the husband the interesting interlocutor who can support communication on different subjects.

5. Bring a variety your sexual life. Buy beautiful linen, give romantic party with the corresponding continuation that your man remembered it for a long time. For example, prepare for arrival of the husband the weakening bathtub about addition of foam or essential oils. And then make massage with oils which raise sexual desire (a jasmine, not roles, a ylang-ylang and dr). Or make an easy dinner from unusual dishes, buy a small bottle of good wine, and after a dinner you can execute erotic dance which will definitely not leave your spouse indifferent.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team