How to return cancer

How to return cancer

If male cancer left you, then it is necessary to return not zodiac sign, and first of all the person. If it still is expensive to you, you still feel love and do not represent life without this person, are ready to change yourself for the sake of darling, then act. It is necessary to put efforts for this purpose much, but knowing features of psychology of cancer, to return it it is possible to try.


1. Invite him for a serious conversation, but not in restaurant or cafe, and it is obligatory home.

2. Cook its favourite food. Dishes has to be much, a meal plentiful as crayfish like to eat and do not know when to stop.

3. Put a candle circle, create the romantic atmosphere, turn on the quiet music, surely old song and it is desirable about love.

4. Put on a new beautiful dress of pastel tones, let hair down.

5. Let it know that it is his house that without it in the house it is empty that you very much love it that are ready for it for everything.

6. And the most important - let he will feel stability of your relations.

7. Having returned to cancer, do not repeat the former mistakes. Never raise the voice. Do not encroach on its freedom because next time will not be.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team