How to return darling if he stopped loving you

How to return darling if he stopped loving you

Unfortunately, often the love does not last eternally, and until recently strong couples disperse because at one of partners there passed feelings to another. If your darling reported that he cooled down to you, it is possible to reconcile and release him. If you are sure that it is your destiny, you can try to return its interest.


1. The love boat crashed against life – the similar situation meets quite often. The intense working day, a trip home in the crowded car of the subway, a quick dinner, half an hour in front of the TV and at last a dream. Living in a similar rhythm, it is easy to twirl and at all to forget about feelings which were to the partner earlier. If in your couple there was such situation, changes urgently are required for you. Leave working problems at work and, having closed an office door, try not to remember them. Replace quickly made pasta and sausages with a dinner in your favourite cafe or order food on the house. Do you have no time and forces for intimate proximity, there is a wish to take quicker a shower and to go to bed? But it is possible to go to the bathroom together. Good joint rest will help you to revive love.

2. Also the joint trip to other city can help to correct a situation. Looking at sights in Europe or conquest of a sea smooth surface on the yacht helps to relax and look at the world in a different way. Possibly, the man intoxicated with new impressions will be able to see in you again all that attracted him earlier.

3. Sex – an important component of the relations. And if the man does not accept quality of your intimate life for a long time, he can decide on a gap. You can directly ask darling about his sexual fantasies or try to think up something – to buy seductive underwear, to suggest to try a new pose. However is not necessary, being guided by feeling of despair, to agree to do what causes in you disgust.

4. If, despite all your efforts, the man all the same wants to leave, release him. Perhaps, having remained alone, he realizes as much you mean to it and as in the barchelor apartment it lacks your heat, caress and hot dinners. Otherwise you will need only to reconcile to the fact that your roads dispersed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team