How to return family

The divorce comes to rare couple easily. Usually people leave feeling of a mutual regret, and one of partners internally wishes to return everything. If you feel that to put an end in the relations early, do everything possible for recovery of family.


1. Give yourself and to the partner will calm down. Stains and partings come most often on emotions, from the collected offenses and misunderstanding. Both of you need to cool down. Determine for yourself the term during which it is not necessary to communicate with the former spouse. Even if you very much want to see darling or just to hear his voice, you behave. The spouse, as well as you, experiences sharp experiences because of the event, despite everything that moved him on a divorce. Once again it is better not to touch the person in such state.

2. Try to understand what became the true cause of a divorce. Look at yourself the spouse's eyes. Think what you would feel if the partner did what in you did not suit him. Do not try to rehabilitate yourself. If it was possible, the spouse would acquit you, but the divorce – a last resort and comes it when there is no other exit. Therefore treat seriously claims of darling.

3. Change the behavior. However it is not necessary just to pretend that you realized the mistakes. Change first of all for yourself. Estimate, it is how easier or heavier to live to you with such changes of heart. If you feel that you will not be able constantly to live so, about reconciliation there cannot be a speech as the relations will end with parting again.

4. Begin communication with darling. Unostentatiously suggest to meet or call. You remember: now you have no right to demand neither appointments, nor fidelity, nor understanding. Your partner is absolutely free at the moment, and you need to win him again. If you have the general child, meet the spouse, suggesting to spend joint time with the kid. But do not show that the appointment had a purpose other.

5. Gain trust of darling. Always offer the help, do unexpected surprises, be attentive and careful. Create such atmosphere in your relations which will give to the partner a reason to think of your reunion.

6. Talk to darling. If you feel that the partner shows to you interest, suggest to begin everything with the beginning. Do not insist on cohabitation. Let know that you want to change the direction of the relations, but not their essence. Gradually you will be able to prove to the spouse that it is better for you to be together, but give him the chance to make this decision independently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team