How to return feeling of love

How to return feeling of love

At long cohabitation with the person, once passionately favourite, the feeling of love becomes dull. Certain stereotypes of behavior "put" in life, it becomes boring to live. Where that ease of love, where intensity of emotions which now so is not enough for you?

1. That a meshayetza an unnecessary peel the fact that is really valuable therefore for a start it is necessary "to clean" your life from garbage cannot be visible. How? Carry out clear-out in the house, bring order. The person living in the gloomy and conspirational room himself feels it - gloomy and "conspirational". About what love here can there be a speech?

2. Discuss mutual claims to each other. Not in the form of scandal, of course, and by quiet and friendly dialogue. Talk about possible solutions of a problem. If your spouse in something is dissatisfied with you, think how you can correct a situation. If the behavior of the spouse does not suit you with something, quietly state it it. The claim has to be absolutely concrete.

3. New a vpechatleniyakogda the order in the house and in the relations is induced, it is possible to look for fresh impressions. Go to the cinema together, theater, to the forest on a picnic; in a campaign if you are fans of tourism. Make together something that would bring a variety your life. If on the street winter and you do not hesitate of foreign views, go to the yard and build a snowman, at last. For certain you had many general hobbies earlier, only behind daily vanity you somehow forgot partially about them.

4. Memories of a bylomvspomnita of how your relations arose. It is important to remember only good, not to dig in old offenses. Revise old photos. Find those things in which you walked at the very beginning of your novel in a case. Remember your mutual friends, acquaintances. If there is an opportunity, invite them on a visit (the order was all the same already guided?).

5. You lack SeksEsli passion and a variety in intimate life, just try some time to abstain from sex (naturally, having agreed about it with the partner in advance). Do not turn sex into a routine duty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team