How to return former

How to return former

Women seldom leave men just like that. If the weak half decided to become free, so there is an occasion. And, most likely, not one. And to return it, without having changed, it is almost impossible. She knows you, all your strong and weaknesses. Also understands that its return will change nothing in your relations.


1. Do not argue, do not swear, do not arrange a hysterics. If you were told to leave, leave. But for a while, to allow the person to cool down. Break off all relations even if it is very difficult to make it. Sustain a pause at least in few weeks. During this time the woman can understand that she still loves you. And if it does not occur, you have time for cooling down most and to change to the best. It is unlikely you were abandoned without the reason. Find this reason and begin to exterminate methodically. Fight against it, as with the most malicious enemy. And if you win, then will be able to return love of the person once close to you.

2. Eradicate all problems which pushed the woman to leaving. Be reversed. For certain you do not like in yourself any lines too, try to fight against the shortcomings. Each woman needs the reliable man, become him. And then you will not lose darlings any more.

3. Do not meet your former soulmate until you achieve real progress in self-improvement. If the woman sees that all of you the same, she will hardly want to return your relations.

4. When you achieved results, arrange an unexpected meeting. For certain you know where most often there is your beloved. During the meeting let it know that are very glad it to see. Do not quarrel with it at all. Communicate only on abstract subjects. Tell about how you changed. Make an appointment in the neutral territory. It is possible to invite her in restaurant, the park, theater or the museum. Depending on what she prefers.

5. Organize a pleasant romantic appointment. Do not forget to buy a bouquet of flowers or a small pleasant gift. At the first meeting it is better not to speak about the feelings. Spend time as kind friends.

6. Accustom her to a thought that you became other person and only then suggest it to start everything anew. Remind her as to you it was good together. Women seldom forget the pleasant moments. It is possible to return the former beloved only kindness, caress and care. Become her prince on a white game again, and she for certain will estimate it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team