How to return former and whether it is worth doing it

How to return former and whether it is worth doing it

Not always the decision to break off the relations comes after long considering and quiet discussions with the partner. Quite often couple leaves at once after the bright quarrel. The intensity of emotions and mutual offenses disconnect the head at all and do not allow to think of whether it is necessary to stop the novel seriously. And here everything calmed down, former offenses do not seem such terrible any more and are not of particular importance. At the same time the lost relations seem ideal, and only the best moments are remembered. The only desire – again to be with this person and to start everything anew.

All in a new way

It seems that "in this" time everything will be absolutely in a different way. All positive and negative qualities of the person are already familiar. Also the gap reason is clear. There is an illusion that it is possible to erase all shortcomings of the relations easily. It is better to forget about it at once. The relations should be changed radically. That system which was earlier it was failure, time ended with nothing good. It is necessary to start the novel almost from scratch, to continue "from the same place" - it is unpromising.

It is necessary to forget also about all old traditions. Favourite places and songs, all joint habits – them should be reconsidered anew. It is necessary to get new places and new addictions if there is a wish that the relations really became others. But all this is only prospects...

All changes need to be begun first of all with themselves. Let it will be trifles: new clothes, new hairstyle, some other hobby. The appearance has to say that the person was changed radically and became absolutely another.

It is necessary to analyze also all the shortcomings. Two parties are always guilty of break in relations. For certain the beloved was irritated by some habits or traits of character – hysteria, excessive jealousy, capriciousness … It is necessary to get rid of all this if there is a wish that the relations only became better.

On it a lot of time can leave. If independently it is impossible to cope with a task – it is worth addressing the psychologist who will help to sort things out.

And whether costs?

At the time of melancholy for the past everything is seen only through rose-colored glasses. Shortcomings are erased, and advantages and the fantastic moments become even brighter. But whether there is a guarantee that after the novel renews, old offenses will not flash and will not play new paints?

Besides, during parting the partner can change, and not the fact that he will become better. It is possible to fight long for return, and to be disappointed and left as a result with nothing. Whether there is such game of candles?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team