How to return former feelings

How to return former feelings

If you live in marriage for a long time, and feelings began to die away – be not frightened: such situation is norm. Sooner or later the initial passion begins to decrease, and couple faces need to look for new motivation for the relations, to feed the love and to transfer the relations to new, higher stage of development.


1. If you faced fading of feelings, and cannot cope with it independently, it is recommended to address the family psychologist who will be able competently and objectively to estimate your level of relationship and to help to correct some general errors. Never close eyes to family problems in hope that they will disappear by itself – if you do not solve them, they will only be aggravated, and will influence your relationship in a negative way. Therefore do not hesitate to ask experts about the qualified help if you feel that to deal with a problem you not in forces.

2. If banal life which resulted in stagnation in the relations was the reason of recession of feelings, try to recover the relations, having introduced in them a surprise element. Achieve that the partner experienced powerful inflow of feelings and new impressions – it will break the measured course of things and will well affect your mutual feelings.

3. Organize a joint campaign on the nature, an extreme travel to other country, jump together with a parachute, participate in an original game – for example, in search of treasures in vaults of the city. All this will refresh your feelings and will introduce in them feeling of novelty.

4. Track the behavior – the relations need to be protected, so, it is necessary to protect and respect the partner. Avoid causeless jealousy, peevishness, negative emotions, aggressive attacks to the man. Your society has to be for the partner in the best way to have a rest from daily cares, and it should not cause desires to run away from you where far away.

5. If you felt irritation from usual habits and lifestyle of the partner, try to accept it it what it is, the same as it accepts you. Do not try to make the ideal spouse of whom you always dreamed of the partner – derive pleasure that before you other person in whom there is a mass of unknown lines and riddles and you should open them.

6. Accept its negative lines and try to smooth them it advantages which you will find much. If the irritation is so big that in family there is no hope for further restoration of the harmonious relations, soberly think whether it is worth living further with this person.

7. If there is a hope to keep family – present to the spouse all the caress and love, and he will answer you with the same to return former feelings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team