How to return former love

How to return former love

Over time people get used the friend at the friend, and the relations lose the initial charm. Love cannot last long very much, and it is usually meant when ask a question how to return former love. It is possible, though will demand work on the relations.


1. It is necessary to know that it is possible to return intensity of feelings, but not their quality. Joy of recognition of the person at the first stages of acquaintance cannot be felt once again. Of course, if you develop intellectually, then will be interesting to darling many years. And it is a key to true deep friendship which is base for strong love. To be interesting, it is necessary to read to a thicket serious fiction. Especially on classical literature it is possible to study psychology of the relations not worse, than according to textbooks. So read more, you find for this purpose time.

2. Try to change the appearance. The ideas can be looked for not only in fashionable magazines, but also in the old movie. It will be especially interesting to look clothes in vintage style. Any change of an image will attract the interest of darling in your inner world. Be ready that will begin to pay you more attention.

3. Try to change the behavior. Constancy is convenient, but soon becomes boring. And your attitude towards the man has to become contrast – you pay to it much attention, at all ignore. Are hot and passionate, are cold and shipped in themselves. You rejoice and you joke, are thoughtful and you long. However the time spent in a certain mood should not be more than one day that there was no accustoming. Let your darling will not be sure that he won you, play on contrasts to force it to worry. Let men flirt with you on his eyes – and you behave frostily. It will allow to wake in it the owner and to make feelings brighter. If on darling the great demand – means, it is worth fighting for her. The feeling will flash with a new force.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team