How to return happiness to matrimonial life

How to return happiness to matrimonial life

So left that living, side by side with darling, we get used to quiet, measured life. But there passes time, you change, change circumstances and your ideas of happiness in marriage. And that family life was filled with joy again, follow the general rules.

Embrace more

People are beings social, and skin – the principal tactile organ. Embrace as often as possible the partner. It will give you feeling of tranquility and tranquility. Here it is near, so habitually smelling. At this moment our brain unconsciously draws an analogy: "I at mother on hands and me it is good".

Do not complain of the partner

Of course, it does not mean that it is necessary to be silent as the guerrilla. But also "to you it is not necessary to wash the dirty linen in public" to the person whom you know short time. Especially it is not necessary to discuss the partner with that whom he can meet in the nearest future. If there is a wish to be uttered, then let it will be one person of whom you are absolutely sure. If there is no that in your environment, then register to the psychologist.

You thank

Often we forget about such word as "thanks". And for certain, each of you, something does good for family. And to each of you it is important that these efforts were noticed. So phrase: "Thank you for the fact that you such attentive to me" have magic effect.

Stay only together

Happy marriage is not possible without general impressions. Ask grandmothers and grandfathers to look after children, and take the permit in holiday house for two. Agree that these days off you will not use gadgets. Take a walk, visit in common the SPA procedure, stay together in unusual conditions.

Control told

The main words which start a quarrel: "you always" and "you never". It is necessary to say about what is not pleasant to you, but it is necessary to do it correctly. For example, instead of: "You are always late", it will be more correct to tell "I very much want you to arrive on time tomorrow".

Do not criticize without inquiry

It is quite possible to do without criticism in family life. Giving an assessment to the partner, you accept a position "from above". But you not the teacher and pupil, but husband and wife. Therefore it is not necessary to estimate action of the partner if he does not ask about it. But even in this case, at first note strengths. And only then you pass to the assessment.

Look for a healthy compromise

The compromise is when spouses understand that they are different people, and everyone takes an independent stand, but at the same time there is desire to agree. Mistakenly in many couples take compliance for a compromise. Agreeing to what is not pleasant initially and wait for gratitude for it. In this situation the second spouse has no opportunity to learn what is pleasant to you. From here all offenses and disagreements.

If in your family quarrels became more frequent, sex disappeared and there is no wish to go home from work, these are not problems but only their reflection. Kind of it was not difficult, find time, cross through the feelings and talk to the partner. Perhaps, at some point you just did not hear each other.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team