How to return love for the husband

How to return love for the husband

Initial love of young couple, having passed of a year to three family life, turns into a train than the days which are not differing from each other. Spouses bother each other to such an extent that about any love it is not necessary to speak already – not to quarrel. Psychologists tell how again to fall in love with own husband and to cause in him reciprocal feeling.


1. Stock up with patience. The true love is daily efforts and work on itself. If one of partners "released" a situation, it can get out of hand and reach a divorce. And one more: we love not those who care for us, and that for whom we care.

2. Consider how many times a day you praise each other. Also remember how often you called each other by the tender names in former times. Return a habit, you say all good that you think of the husband.

3. Analyze the behavior. How do you put on at home whether you are painted, whether you do a hair? If is not present, that time.

4. Pretend to be, and be better weak and helpless. Arise upon protection and care. Care for it.

5. Walk together more, you speak about everything: about theater, cinema, music. You spend time together and show goodwill. Love comes when you least of all think of it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team