How to return love of the wife?

Each relations begin with the fine fairy tale – from love and passion, but over time feelings die away under the pressure of household problems. Most difficult it is necessary the woman – the child's birth, house efforts, care of the husband … all this turns each its a groundhog to the day and gradually favourite, cheerful and happy girl turns into the sad, hung in a routine woman.

Often at this moment if the woman ceases to feel support and love, she extinguishes the feelings and entirely retires into oneself. And only the sincere love of the spouse can return her to life. If you want to learn how to return love of the wife if she stopped loving, then you need to take the first step with the lit love torch.

How to return love of the wife – councils of the psychologist

  1. Wake in yourself the hunter. When the relations only begin, the man behaves as the conqueror. He is ready to pull up trees that darling became entirely it. However many men try to obtain the girl and at once lose to her interest. And it is not correct! The woman needs to feel constantly helplessness before the strong hunter trying to win it and to tempt.
  2. Notice trifles, you catch hints. Men did not get used to speak about trifles, their thoughts occupy much more large-scale problems, however are important for a fine half of mankind of a trifle. Believe, the new varnish noticed by the spouse on nails or a jacket, will bring to the woman more pleasant feelings, than a dinner at expensive restaurant.
  3. Help the wife. The help is one of the most important components of the successful relations. You want to know whether it is possible to return love of the wife, of course it is possible, we will answer! And it is necessary to begin with the help with the house. Each woman will estimate this disinterested step.
  4. Compliments and gifts. You remember, compliments need to be given not really often and accidentally, otherwise the woman will understand that you try to deserve her love, and will even more move away from you. As for gifts – they should not be for show. It is necessary to be able to seize the moment and it is correct to give a surprise.

It is important to woman to see the strong, loving man capable to light fire in her eyes nearby. Try to obtain darling every day and show her the care.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team