How to return love of the woman

How to return love of the woman

They say that heart of the loving person it is impossible to deceive. If you felt that the darling to you grew cold, be not depressed. Make efforts to return love of the girl.


1. Not the nervnichaytena needs to row and sort out the relations. The charged atmosphere in your relations will push the woman to leaving. You should not give a uniform reason for adoption of such decision. Even if you feel irritation from darling, constrain yourself. To make the decision to leave very difficult. Therefore do not hesitate to show the love. While you fight for the happiness, it is impossible to neglect anything, even pity to himself.

2. Cause revnostzhenshchina in the majority big owners. Even if feelings to you passed, darling will hardly want to give another what belongs to her. But, using such method, be careful, treason will precisely destroy your relations. Just invite the girl to have supper with the company of friends. Afford little flirtation with other women. For fidelity ask one of the colleagues or good acquaintances to pay attention to you. The interest of other women will force liked to reconsider its relation to you.

3. Surprise to a postupkamidazha the most strong-willed woman wants to have near herself the real man. Show the courage in practice. Perhaps, the woman asked long ago asked you to make some serious decision. Now it is a high time to satisfy a request even if it contradicts your beliefs. At present the beloved has to be more important than any principles. Provoke such situation that the beloved seriously was frightened of something and with gloss solve the arisen problem. For example, agree with the acquaintances that they ""attacked"" you in the dark lane. Rescue from unfamiliar men will add to you chances. Darling will begin to admire you again.

4. Go in a puteshestviyekupita the permit to the exotic resort or to the ancient European town. Fascinate darling by a situation and the gallant relation. You do not stint tenderness and compliments. Present that you only got acquainted and madly fallen in love each other. Similar change of a situation very much recovers the cooled-down feelings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team