How to return parnya-Ovna

How to return parnya-Ovna

Parting with darling - the tragedy. But it is possible to find a way out of any situation. At muzhchin-Ovnov there are special traits of character. If their nobility, then it is possible to try to restore the relations.


1. For a start be defined who it is guilty of your parting. If the gap occurred because of the man, then to return the Aries will not make special work. Anew to kindle in it love, surround yourself with admirers. It does not mean that you need to begin the new relations actually. You can just agree with someone from friends that they accompanied you. Then he will understand that he made a mistake, and will try to restore your relations. It is desirable that muzhchina-Oven heard how in your address compliments pour.

2. In case you became responsible for parting, then business will be more difficult. Keep in mind that Arieses like to start everything anew. Therefore though small, but the chance is. Try to talk to the elect. Tell that very much you worry and you love him. The main task is to regain the trust. Do not recede from the planned purpose.

3. For muzhchiny-Ovna the sincerity of the relations is on the first place. Therefore if you noticed that your relations slowly die away, then you should not do hasty conclusions. Perhaps, that your spouse has problems at work. Talk to darling, discuss current situation.

4. Muzhchiny-Ovny are very emotional. They can first apologize and will never throw you in a difficult situation. To all other arieses are excessively cruel, but hope that you will be able to understand and forgive. Near themselves they see very womanly and sexy companion. At the same time, she has to be strong and courageous.

5. If you want your relations to last not one year, remember several rules. You always have to be diplomatic, self-assured. Arieses love when they are surprised. Be not afraid to change clothes style, to make pleasant surprises and gifts. Do not sneer over muzhchinoy-Ovnom at all and do not doubt its male abilities.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team