How to return passion

How to return passion

Sex is an indispensable component of the love relations between the man and the woman. Unfortunately, eventually the passion begins to die away, and sex turns into a routine or even an unpleasant duty.


1. For a start save the bedroom from excess things and create in it a romanichesky situation. It does not mean at all that it is necessary to fill up all bed with petals of roses and to arrange the room with aromatic candles. The beautiful bed linen and soft lighting will help to recover passion, for example. And here it is better to transfer the TV and bright lamps to other room.

2. Critically estimate the underwear and if it is required, replace it with more sexual. This council concerns not only women, but also men. For example, in the opinion of many women the fitting male boxers look much more sexually than ordinary "semeynik".

3. To return passion to the relations intimate toys for adults can help. Especially if earlier you did not use them. The passion can also flash as a result of erotic massage, a game on undressing.

4. Revival of passion can happen due to refusal of habitual stereotypes. Experiment with poses or try role-playing games. Generally, everything that suits both partners is admissible.

5. The passionate inclination can be shown with an unprecedented force if you together are engaged in something, causing adrenaline inflow. It can be sport, especially extreme, or even driving on attractions.

6. It is possible to return former passion by means of change of a situation. Organize rest for two outdoors or go to a travel. During this rest it is important to focus the friend on the friend and to forget for a while about all problems.

7. More often you leave in the evenings somewhere together. Usually it allows to notice demand of your partner among an opposite sex. As a result admiration of other people of your half is capable to excite great passion. At the same time it is desirable for both man, and woman not to respond to flirting of people around and not to cause jealousy in the partner intentionally. Otherwise instead of revival of passion there will be a quarrel.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team