How to return romanticism to the relations

How to return romanticism to the relations

Over time in the relations between spouses the love disappears, daily life destroys former passion. You should not be reconciled with it, it is necessary to return romanticism to the relations.


1. The most important not to lose courage and not to accept the current situation. It is necessary to suppress in itself negative emotions and to begin to work. Do not wait for the first steps from the second half, take everything in hand. Act instead of with grief to indulge in memories of former time. Begin with yourself, and your spouse will surely pick up your mood.

2. The woman has to know that men on the nature are less emotional and the quiet regular life quite suits them. If the relations with the spouse are improved, then the man does not need splash in emotions and passion. If it is not necessary to take offense at the husband, then do not lament and do not accuse that he does not love you any more, you to him are uninteresting. It is heavy to man to understand what does not suit you. Serious quarrels and mutual rejection begin with it, do not allow it in the family.

3. Think what you would like what experiences, emotions. You want a romantic dinner, there is nothing to wait for the invitation, arrange it. The easy tasty dinner by candlelight will be made by the business, your soulmate, having plunged into the corresponding atmosphere, will surely give in to mood. If you do not pine waiting for a miracle, then arrange unusual pleasant situations.

4. Do not stop to tempt, coquet, flirt with your soulmate. Leave pleasant messages on phone, put in a note pocket with declarations of love, interrupt a talk about accounts and household problems to kiss darling.

5. Find common interests. It is very important to support easy communication, to be able to enjoy society of each other. Be engaged in common cause, it can be a joint hobby, it is possible to sign up for interesting courses, occupations. The main thing to spend more time together in relaxed atmosphere. It is even simple to people to whom really well it is together pleasant to keep silent.

6. Appoint unexpected appointments, choose places which you visit for the first time. Plan joint travel in there where did not happen yet, try all new. The pleasant moments, fresh emotions experienced together do the relations warmer. Take the joint picture then together to be given to pleasant memories.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team