How to return the daughter

How to return the daughter

When the daughter enters teenage age, she very often has a misunderstanding with parents. It seems to them that "baby" still absolutely small and still has to play with dolls. But contrary to expectations of adults, she does piercing, dyes hair in terrible color, late comes home and is not going to give the account on the adventures. Often similar situations become deadlock for both parties.

It is required to you

  • - respect of the identity of the daughter;
  • - adoption of its new features of behavior;
  • - confidential conversations as equals


1. Calm down and is sober, without emotions analyze a situation. Perhaps, you just did not notice when your "baby" became a girl. Understand that at heart, all parents a little bit egoists also do not want to accept that truth that at their daughter the right for private life is already had. And if this life strongly differs from your ideas of "normal" life of the teenage girl, it is not necessary to impose it the outlook.

2. Treat indulgently current trends of teenage fashion. Do not forget that each subsequent generation differs in any qualities from previous. Perceive quietly needs of your maturing daughter, she seeks to realize the sexuality, and it is quite normal.

3. To improve the relations with the daughter, it is not necessary to read her constant lecture and to completely control her life. If you return the confidential atmosphere to your relationship, the daughter will not try to make everything in defiance.

4. Consider also the fact that earlier the first sexual experience of the girl was got in 19-20 years, now - at 14-15. It is necessary to reconcile to it and not to abuse whenever possible, and to warn the daughter about possible consequences. The same concerns also experiments with alcohol and nicotine. Do not perceive everything too tragically, gradually this period surely will pass, and your daughter will become the "normal" person again.

5. Try to talk to the daughter, to call her on straight talk. At the same time it is not necessary to take an authoritative position, on the contrary, be with it as equals. Ask what concerns your child as it has relations with boys, with girlfriends, how are you at school, etc. Your questions have to be not cross-questioning, but participation, manifestation of love, care and attention, without looking on any her sins, you remember that it is your daughter.

6. You aspire that similar conversations with the child had no accidental single character, and would be frequent, nearly daily and brought only positive emotions to both parties. Begin to respect the child whatever he was, you love him not only for the five and good behavior, take sincere care and attention to the daughter, and she will surely pay back you with the same.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team