How to return the father to family

How to return the father to family

Leaving of the man, father family - always a hard blow for the woman, but children especially hard perceive it. In their consciousness the world literally breaks on two halves. One – that that with the father, happy or not really, but with the father. And another – without it: in it there is no stability, security, the future. Seeing as children suffer, the woman often decides to return the father to family.


1. Analyze a situation and your joint life. Perhaps, you did not notice any important things, his internal state, problems in your relations. Sometimes women make too much claim to the husband, criticize it, inadequately often take the lead. As a result the man feels underestimated and unrealized.

2. Consider that not the last role is played by your appearance. Perhaps, behind household chores you did not pay attention to it at all. Means, it is necessary to make toilet.

3. Understand that both are guilty of parting always. Having analyzed all facts, you will be able to understand the main thing: to find out the true reason of leaving and to solve whether this man is necessary to you. Whether it is worth returning it to you, but not to children.

4. Talk to the husband that yours with him the gap does not mean its leaving children. That he has to communicate, despite everything, with them, participate in their life and education. But do not show a position of the victim. Be wise, find forces for such conversation, be for this purpose at the correct and proper loss for words.

5. Support communications the father children, children grandmothers and the grandfather in the area of the father, children are other agnates. Make so that children spent time with the father and relatives from his party more often. Buy, for example, tickets to the grandmother, the grandfather and children in theater, in circus, allow children to live in the summer at the dacha at the husband's parents. Come also several times during the summer to them on a visit. Let the husband will feel how he is important for you and for children and his parents. And his relatives will be ready positively in relation to you, and, so will be able to contribute to recovery of family.

6. Invite the husband to birthdays of children. When he at you on a visit, try to keep quietly, exactly, friendly. Meet the husband with good mood, in clothes which especially to you go. Cook dishes which were always pleasant to it in days of your joint life.

7. You ask the husband to take a walk with children for the weekend. Ask for the help in education of children, but do not turn it into everyday torture.

8. Take care of the own life, the inner world. Let he will feel again that you the attractive, beautiful woman and good mother. Will understand what children, wonderful at you. And, perhaps, it will want to return to family.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team