How to return the girl whom you love

How to return the girl whom you love

Practically all loving people have such period when the only way of development of the relations is parting. And what to do if you very much love this person and you cannot live without him?

Agree, parting - unpleasant piece? Many know how girls in such situations behave: at first the long period of sobbings in a pillow, thoughts of suicide, alcohol intake, etc. lasts. But not all know how guys in similar cases behave. Girls are sure that guys in such situations especially do not worry, begin to get the relations with other girls and quickly forget about the former beloved. But it absolutely not so! Actually more than a half of guys take the parting moment hard, often asking the question "How to Return the Girl Whom You Love?"

What should I do?

If you seriously decided to return the beloved, then for a start it is necessary to define the action plan. You should not keep ringing to the ex-girlfriend each 5 minutes at all, to beg to return, threaten, to blackmail with suicide, etc. All these actions will cause the return, absolutely unnecessary reaction. Reduce contacts to a minimum – it is possible to communicate on common causes, hobbies. Do not remind her of your relations (ideally it is not necessary to discuss with it this subject at all). Also you should not use the former tender addresses – for example, "sun", "baby", etc. It is the best of all to behave as if you are just friends – such behavior will a little calm the girl, will help it to relax psychologically, in soul at it still the feelings, thoughts connected with parting which do not allow it to calm down. Only through some time it is possible to begin to show it an affection, but! Be not too energetic!

Pay attention!

Ask the girl to tell the reason for which you left, remember what she accused you of and what defects pointed out to you. Relying on this information, give an objective assessment to the behavior and reveal the mistakes. If you want to sweetheart the beloved again, then you should correct shortcomings and behavior which irritated her.

Came to the sorcerer: "And well conjure to me!"

Some guys and men, after they are thrown by the girl, address various sorcerers, fortunetellers and psychics with a request to return darling. Frankly speaking, it is not the best way of return of the girl. Besides that you will lose money (none of "sorcerers" will never work for free), you can also miss chance and time in which it is possible to change something still.


One of the worst and senseless ways to return the girl. Some men revenge the former girlfriends, starting short affairs with other girls, trying to calm down in such a way, allegedly, parting pain in soul. And here, having replaced already dozen girls, the guy understands that pain and bitterness of parting did not pass. Besides, in soul the new feeling - feeling of emptiness and disgust for itself appeared. To such result the men who chose such option come.

Let's sum up the results

In conclusion It is necessary to tellIt is necessary to tell that chances are always. If you really believe that you from darling will be together again, then quite so and will be. The main thing not to doubt and slowly, but is systematic, to go towards the aim. As opposed to this conclusion it is also possible to tell that Heraclitus's statement "It is impossible to enter twice one river" often is confirmed. The phenomenon when the people who met for the second time leave again as they do not see sense in repetition of the same relations as were earlier is very widespread. For this reason it is just necessary to carry out work on himself when you are only going to return the girlfriend.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team