How to return the guy if he loves another

How to return the guy if he loves another

To return the guy who is in love with other girl, not so simply. To try to compete the appearance in this case there is no sense. Your task is not to focus its attention on itself, using various tricks, and to be oneself and to show the real feelings.

Who is pleasant to it?

If you want to return the guy who is in love with other girl, do not try to compete with her, it can cause in you strong jealousy, and she in turn will prevent you to act correctly. Before returning the guy, learn who this girl whether really you have chances of success? Learn how serious relations? Whether they are happy together? If you understand that they love each other, think whether it is worth interfering with their relations? If it becomes clear that they are just friends, you have good chances to return the guy.

Know former better

If your ex-boyfriend began to meet other girl probably you know not everything about him, perhaps, he does not receive from you that he expects. Try to be near more often him, for example, if you study in one class, participate with it in the general projects which are interesting to it, show interest in its undertakings in various affairs. Find out, than he likes to do in the spare time whether you have general hobbies.

If you learn about new hobbies of the ex-boyfriend, for example, sport or some hobby, try to study a question. Show that you have interests, similar to it, and behave at the same time naturally. Do not emphasize, what are you doing it specially for the sake of it.

Become for it the friend

Irrespective of why you left if you want to return the guy, you need to become for him the good friend. Do not discuss with it his present girlfriend at all, do not offend her and do not gossip. Your task is to make an impression on it again. Honestly answer yourself a question of the feelings to the ex-boyfriend. Whether really all of you still love it or it is jealousy and it is just heavy to you to see it in the company with other girl. Be not mistaken in the feelings, further they can lead to new parting.

Take your time

If you became good friends, take the following step. Arrive to his companies more often, attend together with it various actions (sports competition, movie theater, etc.), hint it about an appointment. However be not too persistent and you do not hurry, your offers first have to be friendly and innocent. If the relations of your ex-boyfriend with his present girl are not too serious and you manage to win over him again, his return to you will become only a matter of time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team