How to return the husband independently

How to return the husband independently

Problems in marriage happen at many couples, but not everyone they leads to a divorce. To return the husband who left you perhaps by own efforts, it is worth thinking only a little of the events and to be ready to change.


1. Analyze your relations. And it is necessary to make it not only with your current marriage, but also with last novels. Perhaps, you cyclically repeat the same mistake which led to parting with darling again. Find it and try to find out the reasons of such problem. Perhaps, at this stage you need the help of the psychologist, not each person is capable to cope independently, for example, with children's complexes.

2. Talk to the husband. Not to do you without showdown, and on at this moment it is important to follow several rules. Do not raise the voice at all, do not fill up it with reproaches and claims, do not complain and do not accuse the husband. Adhere to quiet tone in dialogue, listen to it and try to understand true motives of leaving you.

3. Do not lay down conditions. It is impossible to bargain for own relations. Do not wait for return after the announcement of desire to change by all means. Do not put the husband in position of the victim, and yourself - the hunter.

4. Change. Not in words, not on couple week or month, and really and forever. Having discussed with the husband of a problem of your marriage, you for certain will draw several conclusions on the wrong behavior or the relation to something. In these areas you also need to change the habits, actions or words.

5. Be not closed in yourself. You should not be locked houses and to mourn leaving of darling. Show it that you the self-sufficient woman capable to lead full-fledged life and without it in it participation. Meet friends, communicate, be not afraid of new acquaintances. It will prove to your husband that you do not belong to that category of women who saw men because of the loneliness and lack of normal communication.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team