How to return the husband to family

How to return the husband to family

It can occur in each family. Still yesterday people were happy, lived in harmony with each other, friends considered them ideal couple, and suddenly everything ended. The husband leaves to other woman, and life stops being former. There are several effective methods by means of which it is possible to try to return it to family.


1. First of all it is necessary accurately for to solve whether really you want to return the husband. Reject all emotions and stop to cry and to infinitely feel sorry for itself. Of course, in your family there was misfortune, but, maybe, it is just an occasion to try to begin new life. Well think and solve for yourself: whether you are ready to fight or it will be better to leave everything as it is and to reconcile with the incident.

2. Try to analyze most soberly created unpleasant situation. Try to find the prime cause of such act of your husband. Look for the reason in yourself, do not feel sorry for the feelings. Be most frank before themselves, fail, shifting all fault to the husband.

3. Remember: practically all men who lived long time in marriage got used to comfort and the stable relations. It is much more difficult to them to build the new relations and to change the got way of life. Believe, it is much simpler to men to remain with the woman whom they already managed to study and get used, than to anew build the relations.

4. There are certain phrases which cannot be spoken to your husband at all. They are only capable to aggravate the created situation, but will not help to solve a problem. Do not threaten it to commit suicide at all and do not make "comic" attempts of a suicide to draw its attention. Similar actions you will not achieve desirable result, you will only push away the husband. At some point he can even begin to think that he not for nothing left you.

5. Do not try to fill in your grief with alcoholic drinks. Under the influence of "fire-water" you can begin to make rash acts. For example, to call the husband or the competitor. These calls or drunk visits are capable to cause in your husband even disgust for you, but you not same wanted to achieve. Even in a sober state do not bother it with numerous phone calls, especially do not threaten it.

6. He should not make also at a meeting rows and rough scenes. Leave him alone, let's everything consider and to draw the correct conclusions.

7. Do not run to your mutual friends with the purpose to draw them on your party. Do not divide your circle of contacts on "to" and "after" a gap. Try to speak of your competitor always most neutrally. Do not try to tell the whole world about its "mean" act.

8. Find forces and estimate the competitor. Try to be at the same time the most objective. Let her be younger, but on your party – experience and worldly wisdom. She is attractive? And to you too nobody can prevent to watch himself and to look effective. Catch sight to him at those moments when you look just stunningly. Believe, he will surely feel an easy prick around a breast.

9. You have before the competitor an indisputable advantage: you know the husband much better, than she. Include an intuition which is peculiar to each woman. During your joint life you well taught the man therefore as to return him he can prompt even ….

10. You remember, your competitor has much more chances to make a fatal flaw. Let her, but not you rolls up to your husband hysterics, imposes the will and is jealous him. Have patience. Time on your party.

11. Do not do revenge to the husband by point of the existence. Just begin to live. Time to remember the old hobby or hobby came. Begin to take care of the own life, raise a self-assessment. Try to think positively, let the thought of how to return the beloved will take a back seat of your consciousness.

12. Let know quietly to the husband that you are very interested throughout your relations. Confirm to him that realized and understood all your last mistakes. Show readiness them to try to correct and not to repeat in the future. Frankly admit to it as this parting hurts you that you, certainly, very much endure, but do not accuse the man of your sufferings at all.

13. Learn to forgive. Of reciprocal concessions there are long and strong relations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team