How to return the lover

How to return the lover

Relations of lovers, as a rule, fragile and short-lived. In them it is impossible to be the owner and to make rows to jealousy, most often such relations are under construction for the purpose of receiving pleasure from each other, but not for creation of family. Sometimes such relations strongly tighten and in order to avoid undesirable situations your lover leaves. How to return him?


1. Analyze the relations. Try to understand why there was a gap. And do not hide in a corner at all and do not give in to difficulties. You have to be brought together, only this way it is possible to return darling. Excess hysterics and tears to anything. Think over the further steps better.

2. It is not necessary to bother it with the constant calls, SMS, complaining and showing as you suffer without it. Do not insist on meetings. Let's it have a rest, collect the thoughts. The casual meeting which you can arrange will be ideal option for you. At the same time be friendly and charming with the former partner, but let know that the world did not fail after its leaving your life. Perhaps, the ambiguous behavior you will force it to be jealous, and he will decide to renew the relations.

3. Wait time. He has to realize that you the beautiful mistress and it is better to find you will not be able any more. You do not hurry with actions. Let's the lover realize the state without you. Use waiting time in own favor: be improved, develop, for example, in the sexual sphere. Sign up for courses of erotic massage or take dancing classes or plasticity of the body. You can be engaged in the appearance. Visit beauty shop, change image. Be run on shops, buy beautiful sexual dresses or stylish underwear in the future to appear before darling of even more attractive.

4. If time passed much, and all of you cannot forget the darling yet, try to meet it and to talk in a quiet situation. Tell it that still you love and you miss. Show that are ready to change. Perhaps, current situation will be resolved in your advantage.

5. In case the gap is connected with appearance of other woman, try to learn about her as much as possible. Who is she, its strengths also are how serious intentions of your former lover to her. Perhaps it is worth striking up new acquaintances and to switch to other man.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team