How to return the man: female cunnings

How to return the man: female cunnings

Leaving of the beloved is perceived by women differently. Some forgive, reconcile to loss of darling and start life with a clean slate. Others undertake all possible and impossible receptions to return only and irreplaceable, from their point of view, the man.


1. Sort out yourself. What moves your desire to return the left man: sincere strong love, offense or desire to revenge, spoil to it life, to hurt?

2. Define for yourself: the man left to another to the woman or left you, from your character, habits, unacceptable behavior. Your following step will depend on it is to forgive it or to forgive itself because resentment and fault destroy you. Make sure thatMake sure that you need to return the man that you will have forces to forgive him and themselves and that there will be enough sincere forces for this purpose.

3. Find what else can connect you. It can be the general children, animal, the general work or business, friends or relatives. Surely consider desires of the man, and not just your personal interests.

4. Quietly and coolly, having whenever possible disconnected emotions, analyze current situation. Define those mistakes which you and it made, and on what influenced its decision to break off the relations. What was a decisive factor: a serious quarrel or everyday scandals, strong love for other woman or lack of this love in your relations. Than better, more precisely you will understand yourself, high probability to return those the man.

5. Get rid of illusions and charges. And it, perhaps, the most difficult. Both always participate in break in relations.

6. Begin to act by contradiction. There was a reason for daily quarrels - find a way for reconciliation. If you had a habit to begin to shout at the slightest pretext - get rid of such destroying and you, and your relations of a manner. Remember yourself when he made a declaration of love to you, - what you then were?

7. Show patience and not too force events. At the first meeting after a gap you remember that your purpose is to reconcile. Perhaps, it is worth asking for it forgiveness. Surely let's the man express. Prepare that you should listen and hear what he tells you and also to find forces to accept things, not absolutely pleasant for you.

8. Be reserved, do not turn your conversation into the next scandal. If you feel that the conversation came to a standstill, try to find other subjects for a conversation, and it is better those which are interesting to both of you.

9. Try not to be persuasive. Keep yourself from desire to follow the man a shadow, to cry infinitely at his presence, to beg to return, justify oneself. It can only push away him from you.

10. Remember that you the self-sufficient, independent person. Show that you are capable to live without him, and the feeling of love for it is your choice.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team