How to return the relations with the guy

How to return the relations with the guy

Break with darling - bitterness, offense and black emptiness fill all soul, apparently, that all hopes and dreams are buried under fragments of unfortunate life. But when you will recover from shock, will understand that leaving of the guy you is not doomsday and even not the end of your relations yet. They still can be returned if you want it and very much you will try. Get it together and act.


1. Try to find out where your young man left. Your further strategy and tactics will depend on it. If left to other girl, you will need to understand what in her "hooked" on your guy and also what is not enough for you in his eyes. If left simply "in anywhere", to you will be, perhaps, it is even more difficult to return him back. But anyway it is necessary to work on itself, on the character and behavior.

2. The first that you have to understand, is that at once to run and sort out the relations and, especially, to beg him to return is useless. If you act this way, you will only cause his irritation and will push away from yourself even stronger. Restrain and do not humiliate yourself. Having kept the advantage, you will be happy subsequently with yourself.

3. Try to calm down. If it is possible, you descend "to be cried in a vest" to other person – the close relative, the girlfriend, the psychologist or the priest. Someone will be able to understand you and to regret, to calm and return a little some part of common sense that you could argue and act soberly. If you got used to keep all troubles in yourself, find the internal reserves and gather.

4. Remember that your young man spoke about yours with him relationship, for certain such talk or hints were, only you did not attach them significance. Try to analyze it at least now. Recognize the mistakes. Once again estimate a possibility of construction with this person of the joint future. Perhaps, you are going to chase illusive happiness? Whether it will be better for you if you do not restore the friendship?

5. Understand that the past cannot be returned, you will not manage to correct something in the former relations too any more. Therefore, developing the plan of return of darling, try to forget about what was earlier. Start everything anew.

6. Take a detached view of yourself: as you look and as you behave with people. You should give a lot of time to return of the former appeal and increase in the self-assessment. Until you are not pleasant to yourself and people around, avoid any meetings with your ex-boyfriend.

7. Try to fall in love with yourself a little more. Be engaged in what is pleasant to you. Give yourself pleasure more often – do pleasant purchases, go on rest there where you wanted, be engaged in the appearance, register in some club or sports section. Your life has to be filled with pleasures.

8. When you feel that you changed internally and can think quietly and abstractedly of the past, organize a fleeting, "casual" meeting with the former beloved. On the one hand, you will understand whether you want actually renewal of relations, and with another – will feel on its reaction whether the new novel is possible.

9. If the young man suddenly called itself, it is the first victory. Do not turn it into new defeat. Be reserved and do not make to the guy any promises to meet and, especially, do not resume old dismantling.

10. If you after all met it, do not concern the former relations. Communicate as if you had no problem. The guy has to feel that with you it is easy and pleasant that you new, unpredictable and desired.

11. In the same, a case if the guy did not manage to be returned, draw conclusions on how to build the relations with future partner that there were no such fatal flaws. You have every chance to be happy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team