How to return the wife?

How to return the wife?

Many men are familiar with feeling of emptiness and despair after parting with the spouse. To understand how to return the wife to such moments happens very difficult. That on emotions not to aggravate already a difficult situation, it is necessary to wait some time, to give itself and it an opportunity to calm down and it is good to consider everything. After you analyze all event and will begin to think sensibly, it is worth passing to actions.

How to regain the trust of the wife?

In spite of the fact that women on the nature are very emotional, often, make up the mind to such step as a divorce, very long. As a rule, before leaving the wife looks for in all confirmation to the decision. The man, in turn, instead of understanding all complexity of a situation and to prevent a gap, the negative behavior and acts only on the contrary promotes him. All regret about deeds comes only after the door was closed behind darling. However you should not despair. Perhaps, not all is lost.

During the period after a gap it is important not to begin to fill in a grief with alcohol or to seek consolation among other women. To understand how to regain the trust of the wife, to see things and it is necessary to argue in common sense. You should analyze everything that occurred in a quiet situation and to understand the reason for which it left. Do not try to contact it at once, to be rude to it or to accuse of something. It will only aggravate a situation and will not lead to anything good. In the same way you should not be humiliated and beg it to return. Women want to see near themselves the strong in spirit man.

Having understood the reason of its leaving, it is necessary to prove to the former spouse that she is still very dear to you and for the sake of recovery of family you can change. However all this has to be not in words, and in practice. It is the best of all if it to be convinced of it, but will not just hear from you some promises.

How to return the beloved wife – councils of the psychologist

When the wife left, it is important to understand not only how to return her, but also to make so that she was happy and respected you. It is worth remembering because of what lately you had quarrels and what your acts disturbed family happiness. Having considered everything, it is possible to find many omissions in return.

If you have children, continue to participate in their education and you find time to see them more often. Do pastime pleasant that they looked forward the next meeting. Invite them, and at the same time the spouse, to go to some fascinating actions.

Try to get rid of those qualities which became the gap reason. For example, if matter in mismanagement and laziness, it is worth proving to be on the other hand. Repair housing, bring order. If there is giving, make a zone for rest of children there. Generally, try to show changes in practice.

Perhaps, the wife was oppressed by your addiction to alcoholic beverages and a frequent sit-round gathering with friends. It is the frequent reason of stains. In that case it is necessary to be defined that after all it is more important for you. If you want to return to family, it is necessary to refuse alcohol intake. If it is difficult to make it independently, it is necessary to ask for the help experts. Show to the wife that you try to change for the sake of recovery of family. Besides, will become great advantage if you find additional earnings. Thus, you will prove to be as serious person who wants to provide the family.

Even, if the spouse threw you, it does not prevent to congratulate her on the known holidays, to send gifts and to give other courtesies. The main thing to do it it is sincere.

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