How to return the wife and the child

How to return the wife and the child

Many in life have situations of which we not only are not proud, but also do not want to remember it. If it happened to you then you lost both the wife, and the child, there is an opportunity to return back everything. It is clear, that the time machine was not invented yet, but again it is possible to improve the relations with dearest and close.

It is required to you

  • Desire to return the child and the wife.


1. Children are our everything, and time at you arose a question of that, how to return child, you, for certain, already understood it. In general, it is possible to win back the child and his trust if you, of course, did not make anything really awful, simply, it subconsciously lasts and will reach for you, as for one of the closest people whom he knows since the birth. Just talk to the kid even if he still absolutely the baby, apologize to him even if there is no obvious occasion, and tell that you love it.

2. To return the wife, undoubtedly, more difficult. But also here all in your hands. And everything also depends on your aspiration and desire to be with this woman. For a start, let's the wife be uttered – let she will tell everything that thinks of you, and you try not to interrupt even if do not agree.

3. After the termination of "monologue" tell everything what you thought of and that you understood, and accurately determine terms in which you are ready to change and really make it. As soon as your spouse sees concrete changes, but not words, be sure – she will return to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team