How to revenge the chief?

How to revenge the chief?

Beginning to work in any organization, we can not always expect what unpleasant head it is necessary to face. And after the next reprimand there can be a question of how to revenge the chief. For this purpose there is a set of ways.

How to revenge the current chief that he did not learn?

If you plan to work on the current place of work further, but at the same time you have no forces any more to suffer mockeries of the management, then the plan of punishment needs to be thought over carefully. It is impossible to say to anybody what you are going to make, it is impossible in open to express discontent that on you suspicion did not fall.

Options how to revenge the chief for offense incognito:

  • start up a couple of unpleasant rumors, it is possible even to wash the dirty linen in public and to extend them outside the company;
  • purposely mix figures in reports, but here it is necessary to be extremely careful that it was impossible to guess that you are responsible for a mistake;
  • make an anonymous call to his wife and hint that her husband is late at work not because of office eagerness at all;
  • arrange persecution on the Internet, here it is possible to remain easily not recognized, but it is necessary to think up how to make the discrediting posts the most readable and effective.

How to revenge the former chief?

If it happened so that because of the head-petty tyrant you were left without work, then it opens a bigger scope for revenge. You have nothing to be afraid and lose now. Ways how to revenge the chief who became former exists much too. For example:

  • before leaving break the computer or remove important data permanently;
  • make through corporate mail mailing to important clients with false data, threats or insults;
  • give important information to the rival company;
  • it is possible to upload data of the head to the website of erotic acquaintances.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team