How to revenge the girlfriend who betrayed you

How to revenge the girlfriend who betrayed you

Female friendship - the phenomenon causing a constant controversy. Doubts in its existence appear because too often there is a treachery fact between the best friends. Similar acts should not remain unpunished.


1. If you faced treachery from your best friend and understand that friendship with this person was a huge mistake, you can try to revenge it for pain which it caused you. Psychologists are sure that indifference and indifference of you can become the most important revenge. React to its act quietly, ignore it, do not assimilate to the traitress and do not begin to wage war. Just break all links with such unreliable and the person, let does everything that wants.

2. In case you do not wish to leave treachery unpunished, use its methods. You for certain were on friendly terms rather long time and have to know about all experiences, secrets and fears of the girlfriend. Share this information with the person who is famous for blooming of gossips and rumors. Only try to make it anonymously not to give themselves in any way. Most likely, it will not want to you that other your acquaintances began to consider you the bad girlfriend telling others secrets.

3. Your former girlfriend made a bad act and betrayed you. So tell about it to the friends and mutual friends. Let them know what mean person is in your company. Thus, people will cease to trust it the secrets and will begin to avoid communication with the potential traitor. Further the loneliness and, most likely, repentance of your girlfriend will follow.

4. One more option of women's revenge - small dirty tricks. Pretend that forgave the beloved girlfriend and continue communication with it. You come to it on a visit, add to its shampoo means for an epilation, break spirits and make other nonsenses. All cards in your hands. However for commission of similar acts it is better to wait some time and close to communicate to this girl that she did not begin to guess, in what the reason of its failures.

5. Besides, you can use social networks and dating sites. Create the page from her name and place the phone number there, let the traitress answer persuasive calls day and night and listens to various offers.

6. After your revenge is successfully executed, you can tell with a smile upon the face to the former girlfriend that you became the organizer of all troubles which happened to it, and ask it to guess the reason of your such behavior independently. Perhaps, in the future she will cease to make treacheries and will begin to appreciate friendship.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team