How to revenge the person who offended you?

How to revenge the person who offended you?

To live quietly not always it turns out. At home problems, at work. The neighbor filled in, in transport barked. The umbrella during heavy rain broke, the purse was stolen. So everything, would also kill, - bad thoughts come. But is not present, it is impossible. Law. And still there is a moral law which does not allow to give vent to all negative feelings. On that is reason and morals. There is a wish to swear with the granny who crushed a leg, and then still called a goat, but it is necessary to restrain. It is even more difficult to live the person.

It is known that the strongest storm of feelings is caused by the offense caused by the loved one. And it is unsurprising: it is difficult to accept from it such turn. Besides, painful points are known to it that allows to beat precisely. Naturally, in such situation only the razgnevannost, desire to shoot is felt. The only thought in the head – to think up how to revenge the person who betrayed you.

Same it is frivolous! The rage will pass, the offense will be forgotten, but the love for this person will not disappear. Perhaps, he will forever remember generosity: it was possible to answer it with the same, but why. The relations can become even better and warmer, than were. And if to begin to do mucks – it can lead to parting. And in a consolation in the broken life it will be necessary to anybody to allow to trample down proud consciousness of!

It is necessary to understand correctly: you should not suffer systematic mockeries.

How to revenge the person who humiliated you?

Not to allow it to destroy life! But why to revenge when it is possible just to rise and leave? It is the choice of the free person. It is impossible to leave as there is a dependence on it in the material plan? Who is guilty of it if not you?

Life is full of offenses. People can regularly make mistakes, and those can painfully hit with a ricochet someone. Sometimes it is also not known that words for someone can be offensive. And happens that in irritation and fatigue and really involuntarily it is necessary to offend people around. There is such aphorism: He is forgiving: does not remember the harm which did others. Unless it is possible to live life, without having offended anybody? And what now, all will start each other revenging for real and imaginary offenses, having spent life, inventing how to revenge the person who offended you?

One wise person told: Never take offense at people. If you were not wanted to be offended, then to take offense silly. And if wanted – that even more silly. If this person wanted to offend, he, or provokes to war (and why to be conducted on his provocation?), or he wants to look at sufferings and experiences because of the offense caused them. He is then a villain, the truth. But God to it judge. It is necessary to believe – the biggest flour for it will know what will not sweep, and only indifference in its address.

How to revenge the person whom you hate?

It is a difficult question. Hatred – strong feeling, is the passion preventing to think sensibly. Whether it is worth doing something in such state? Whether we will ruin ourselves rather, than another? Probably, it is senseless to speak in such situation about morals. Then it is necessary to remember that Revenge is a dish which is served cold. To wait until the composure returns. Perhaps then all situation will open in other light?

Quite often the situation which seemed awful, suddenly, opposite was extremely favorable. The thrown woman ready to tear to pieces the ex-husband, only can also think of how to revenge the traitor. Also decides to take advice of psychologists: does a hair, manicure, a make-up, dresses up and goes to that place where can meet the former: say, let go the cat is whipping that missed such woman! Also meets there not the traitor, but the wonderful guy who immediately falls in love with her. And nothing surprising, she prifrantitsya so for the first time for several years, and energy from it now, in nerves, and beats with current!

But here everything is clear: love, treason. And happens that the reason of hatred and small mucks – banal envy.

How to revenge the envious person?

And why to revenge it? It is better to regret it, to the poor creature and it is so bad., brought to an indigestion of. Too so there is a wish? No, not for nothing all religions warn people: do not harbor malice! Let the total indifference to their rage will be the most fearful vengeance to offenders. They and will punish themselves.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team