How to save from jealousy of the senior child

How to save from jealousy of the senior child

And more children the situation at which the senior child begins to be interested, for what reason he will be not the only thing in family is familiar to many parents of two? And why in habitual tenor of life to change something?


1. For an exception of such questions it is necessary to prepare the senior child for emergence of younger in advance. You lead explanatory discussions with the firstborn, explain that he is your assistant and the responsible person now. There will be a little silly little chap who will be able to do nothing also the nobility, and the senior child him together with you to everything will learn. And, of course, with the advent of the second child of the first you will not cease to love less, and on the contrary besides love you appreciate his work and the help.

2. Even at over-employment with the small child always find a little time for the senior child entirely and infinitely. Not to combine the shouting kid with reading the fairy tale to the firstborn, namely to be engaged together without kid. Let it will be half an hour of your time, but let you will have them only for two. Give to the father or the grandmother of the kid, and with the senior play board games or a lotto, play the cities or draw together, sculpture from plasticine or tell each other unusual stories. Select joint affairs, proceeding from age of the child.

3. Divide personal space of children. Do not allow the small child for the reason that he the baby absolutely to break towers from cubes or to tear drawings of the senior child. At its presence intonatsionno explain to the baby what so cannot be done that the brother or the sister will take offense. In the opinion of the senior you will find understanding. At the same time it is necessary to inform the senior child that with younger it is necessary to share toys and to watch that fine details (for example, from the designer) did not get to him into a mouth.

4. Encourage joint games of children. If the senior showed an initiative to sit with younger or to popleskatsya in the bathroom, or to play, then do not deprive of it such opportunity. Only fixedly watch children in order to avoid unforeseen situations.

5. Never compare children among themselves. Each of them the personality, everyone is individual, with the set of merits and demerits. Do not do a priority of one child over another.

6. Often you say to children that you love them. One as small and nice pukhlechk, and another as adult and responsible, serious assistant without whom you never would cope. Different love, as well as children. But it is necessary to inform the senior that with the advent of the baby, your love for it only amplified.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team