How to seduce the man

How to seduce the man

To attract attention men, women should take business in hand. To make it it is beautiful, and, above all, to force to believe the man that the initiative proceeded from him there is a set of ladies' tricks.

  • - beautiful dresses,
  • - spirits.

1. Men first of all pay attention to appearance. Therefore if you want to be pleasant and draw its attention, take care of an easy make-up and beautifully styled hair. The clothes matter too: too sexual image will push away rather, and the femininity here emphasized will be pleasant to any man. If is in your plans to seduce the elect, the important role will be played also by aroma. Spirits have to be easy and attractive, but not persuasive. Men like sweet smells, for example, aroma of vanilla. But it has to be not strong, but almost inaudible.

2. Kind of you wanted to make an impression, for an appointment always choose an image in which you will feel most comfortably. If in usual life you prefer jeans and comfortable footwear, keeping the appointment in a short skirt and high-heeled, you not only will feel is held down and it is uncomfortable, but also risk to appear at all not that girl who initially was pleasant to your guy. It does not say that you have to come to restaurant in sneakers, just avoid strong contrasts.

3. The ideal appearance is not the absolute key to success. The important role will be played at the same time by your behavior and a manner to communicate. Men like the sociable, attractive girls capable to keep up the conversation. But you should not show actively the mind, the tizbrannik will think differently that you want to show that it is smarter than it, and it most often pushes away.

4. Nonverbal communication plays an important role too. By means of gestures it is possible to report about much. For example, playing occasionally an earring during the conversation or touching the neck, you show to the young man that he to you is not indifferent. Do not doubt that your guy will catch these signals. And if you kind of touch accidentally a hand of the man or his clothes, then will hint him that you are ready to pass to more close relations. At the same time you remember that all your gestures have to natural, and, working comprehensively and harmoniously, you by all means will achieve the.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team