How to separate the guy from the girl

How to separate the guy from the girl

The heart has a will of its own, feelings to not free person can also sometimes appear. When he already meets someone, and you very much want to be with him, it is necessary only – to separate one option of the guy with the girl.

Study the competitor. You have to know its merits and demerits, habits, features of appearance. Surely find out about all its weaknesses that it was possible to use them against it. To make it can be difficultcan be difficult, but social networks, mutual friends or, as a last resort, shadowing and observation come to the rescue.

If your beloved has a family, think once again – whether it is worth taking away him? It is difficult to break family, not pleasantly and, most likely, you will not construct on others misfortune of good relations. Seven times think before pulling down others lives.

Become its ideal

Learn what girls are pleasant to your beloved. Correct the appearance and character under its inquiries completely to correspond. Put special emphasis on what is not enough in its present passion.

Do not do cardinal changes, to you then to live with it.

Communicate with the guy more, be at the best. Listen, discuss its problems, look for the general subjects and interests. Try to make so that you had the general occupation. For example, if he likes to ride a bike, and his girl hates it, so you need to divide his hobby. So you will reach advantageous position. You ask it to help you. Call and tell that you broke the computer, and you do not understand it at all. It could not come to look because hope only for it. Emphasize that only it can help you. Use the different reasons for the help, but it is not too frequent. If to be overzealous, his girl can prick up the ears, and you will lose advantage.

Do not flirt with it when his girl is near.

At communication flirt and make advances to it. But know when to stop, do not frighten off ahead of time. The best option is to coquet a little, and then to play indifference. Such method is called "closer-is farther", and very well works in the relations.

Influence his girl

Try to quarrel them, but that they did not notice your fault. If it leaves phone at it, throw off the SMS message of romantic contents from unfamiliar number. He will not necessarily read, but if reads – scandal is guaranteed. It is possible to dismiss gossips, to tell its unpleasant secrets or to provoke to a hysterics. Ask the familiar guy to flirt with the girlfriend of your beloved. You already rather well studied her and know what is pleasant to it. Pick up the young man under its tastes, let him influence its weaknesses and will get to fall in love. Even if it will not turn out to take away it, the jealousy can work. When the guy sees that his girl actively communicates with another, he will be offended. And you can be successfully near at this time and console him in the embraces.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team