How to show an affection

How to show an affection

"You do not pay me attention at all!" - many men had to listen to similar reproaches from the girls. For maintaining good relations from a favourite and comfortable situation of the house it is better for man at once to agree and begin to show such affection necessary for the woman.

It is required to you

  • - flowers;
  • - breakfast;
  • - some sum of money.


1. Think, what is the time you see off with the girl so that you were busy only with each other. Joint shopping, viewings football matches and evening in the noisy company of friends are not considered. Having come home, give 10 minutes to the half. Take an interest as at it there passed day, tell that missed. Embrace your woman. And only then take seat with a dinner in front of the TV.

2. Do not forget to praise the girl. Remember that everything that she does houses, she does for the sake of you. Tell her that the baked meat turned out extremely tasty, and the new hairstyle to her very much goes. After such words your darling will try for you even stronger.

3. Please the lady with pleasant trifles. It is not obligatory to give smart bouquets and to reserve tables at expensive restaurants to please the girl. Present her one rose or a bouquet of wild flowers, invite her in cafe to a cup of coffee. The main thing that it was without cause and unexpectedly for the girl.

4. If you are in the company, behave so that your girl understood that you distinguish it from other ladies. Embrace her for a waist or you hold by a hand. If you spill drinks at a table, in the beginning fill a glass of your woman. Do everything that she felt that it is more important than all attendees for you. Besides, if the woman understands it, she will release more willingly you with friends.

5. Laugh when your girl jokes. For people very important that relatives understood their humour.

6. On the day off make it a breakfast and bring it in bed. It is one of the most widespread stereotypes of life of loving couple, but nevertheless, most of women is enraptured with it.

7. If the woman is lost in contemplation romantic melodramas, repeat some act of the man from her favourite movie (certainly, according to the lights). After that your darling will agree that you practically the superman.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team