How to show love to the guy

How to show love to the guy

Sometimes people forget that love and feelings to a certain person it is necessary not only to feel, but also to show. Of course, it is sometimes rather simple to tell the person about it, but there are also other ways to show to the guy the love. They will help to develop the relations and to make them even stronger.


1. Show that you respect hobbies of the guy. Even if you do not like the fact that your guy watches football or goes with friends to club, release this situation. Allow it to have the life.

2. Be ready to make a concession. In other words, be able to reach compromise. So, if your guy cannot live without sweet, and you decided to adhere to a strict diet, it is not an occasion not to buy sweet.

3. Do not allow household problems to influence your relations. In what difficult situation you would not be, be able not to transfer negative emotions to other people if it is your darling.

4. Consider desires of your guy. If for him small surprises matter from time to time, do him surprises. If he likes the words of love more, do not forget to speak to him about it as often as possible.

5. Do only that it is really pleasant to you. For example, if you like to cook more, prepare for it a tasty dish. If you like to do massage more, make massage. Your darling should not feel falseness.

6. Be with the guy the best minutes. Let him feel that for the sake of it you can cancel any affairs. Show it that the relations with it mean to you much more, than career, a campaign to the hairdresser and viewing the favourite transfer.

7. Be sincere. It creates deep communication. You speak just as prompts you your heart. You look to it in the face. Sometimes the look says more, than words.

8. Be open and flexible. Be ready to change for the sake of darling. If you want to achieve changes in behavior or appearance of your guy, be able tactfully and with love to tell him about it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team