How to show the feelings to the man

How to show the feelings to the man

Men are beings rectilinear and mysterious at the same time. On the one hand, they do not love hints, preferring direct discussions. On the other hand, try to avoid any talk about feelings and emotions. How it is the best of all to show the feelings to the man not to cause in him concern or discomfort?


1. Express feelings in acts. Men do not love long explanations concerning experiences and emotions. It is better to leave them for girlfriends. If you feel gratitude or a romantic rush, better make for it what he dreamed of. Prepare a favourite dish for dinner, buy tickets for a match of his favorite team.

2. You say to him as you with it are happy. Men often consider a reason for break in relations constant discontent of the girlfriend. Even if she has problems at work or he perceives the conflict with parents, its sour mine into the account. And if the discontent becomes the prevailing emotion of the woman, the man begins to look for ways of retreat. It is very important to them to know and hear that it for you – a support and rescue, but not an obstacle in a way to happiness.

3. You appreciate its achievements. The phrase "Seems to many women silly I love you for that and for it (for punctuality, for reliability, for tenderness)". Girls consider that the love should not lay down conditions. It so, but sometimes is necessary to men that the girl estimated both its acts, and its social achievements, and attributes of prestige which it has (the car, technical "toys" and so forth). Express delight concerning all its achievements, at these moments you can admit any feelings, it will estimate it much more, than without similar occasion.

4. Discuss problems briefly and on business. If you are tormented by irritation or you in anger from the collected problems, at first let off steam in a talk with women or with the psychologist. Then develop the solution, think up a summary of heart of the matter, justify the decision logically. And with such short conversation go to the man. They in panic are afraid of the developed discussions with tears, scandals and emotions. To them all is simpler to discuss quickly, to find a solution and not to return to the question in the future.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team