How to show to the girl the love

How to show to the girl the love

In life everyone had romantic feelings and for certain everyone knows how not easy to let know it to the girl of the dream and the more so, to win its reciprocity and arrangement. How to make so that the girl whom you love fell in love with you and realized what your feelings to it – the most serious? Conform to certain rules of conduct which will help to fascinate any woman.


1. Remember that the result of your communication with the girl directly depends on what you tell her and as you do it. Do not lie to the girl – she will feel your insincerity, and it will push away her.

2. Be yourself – do not try to prove to be that whom you are not. Subdue the girl the naturalness.

3. Be sure of themselves – uncertain men push away girls as those cannot rely on them. Be persistent moderately, let the girl know that you the reliable and purposeful person. Besides, the girl has to feel that not only her body is interesting to you, but also her soul – show sincere interest in her inner world, cares, hobbies and feelings.

4. Listen to what she tells you, without interrupting and show the full participation in its affairs. The girl has to feel that you are capable to understand her.

5. Besides, the girl will subconsciously feel relationship with you if you repeat her gestures, an articulation and a mimicry. People always consider especially attractive those partners who are similar to them.

6. Pay attention to the sensual and interested look – you look to the girl in the face and also try to look afar, and then to focus a look on the interlocutor that pupils extended, and the look seemed even more concerning.

7. If communication comes rather far, the good idea will be to invite the girl to a romantic dinner to itself home. Prepare the suitable atmosphere – arrange for the girl a dinner by candlelight, show the attention and a step. Girls appreciate the men capable to create romantic atmosphere. Try to make everything to cause trust of the girl and her gratitude.

8. From verbal communication gradually you pass to corporal – from time to time touch the girl's hands, approaching her, and then, in process of growth of mutual trust, increase the touches. Let to the girl know that she is dear to you. Avoid sharpness and roughnesses in communication with the girl – be careful and tender. If you conform to these rules, the girl willingly will show to you reciprocal feelings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team