How to show to the guy that he is pleasant to you

How to show to the guy that he is pleasant to you

Many girls come to confusion, when it comes to the relations, especially if it is about the first experience. How to exercise in it judgment? How it is necessary to smile? What to tell? Very few people know answers to these questions and therefore are lost when are too close to the pleasant guy.


1. Properly find out about everything about a subject of the interest. Interview mutual friends, attentively consider the page on social networks. Of course, you obtain incomplete information, but there will even be enough these particles. When you get acquainted, it will help you. You will be able to put a conversation on the right track that will make your acquaintance for it more attractive.

2. Try to develop own "special look". Having caught it, the man has to understand that he attracts you. In general, try to do eyes by more emotional. It is pleasant to guys, and you will have more chances to receive that you want.

3. If at you it is impossible to cope with the previous point, choose option simpler. Throw fleeting glimpses and literally several share of seconds hold attention on the guy. As soon as he notices you, at once look away. Try not to go too far in it, and that you can frighten off the guy.

4. Touch. It is the checked way to show to the guy the interest. Try to touch easily and easy. Persistent and clear touches can give to it the grounds to think of something indecent. Besides some, not absolutely self-assured men, it can frighten off. Talking, touch his hand or inadvertently remove a mote from a shoulder.

5. Begin to smarten up. In all men's magazines write that if the girl begins to correct a hairstyle and to smooth clothes, then it in your hands. But do everything naturally. Clap eyelashes a little more often and smile inattentively.

6. It is possible to use also modern methods. One of them – social networks. Just write to an object of the adoration. Begin to communicate lovely with it and to do awkward hints. If the guy becomes interested in you, in a conversation it will be visible.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team