How to solve problems in family

How to solve problems in family

Sooner or later in each family there are disagreements. If not to learn it is correct to interact with each other, these disagreements can turn into the serious problems menacing with family breakdown. In order that it did not happen, it is necessary to try to meet halfway each other. And the main role in this action is assigned to the woman who long since was a keeper of the center.


1. The majority of the problems arising in family begin to develop on mutual disrespect in couple. At the same time are most sensitive to disrespect of the man who want to be the head of the family. Without getting the required respect from the wife, the man begins to be malicious and do everything in defiance. The woman, of course, reacts to such behavior offense and reproaches, and family problems grow, by leaps and bounds. Meanwhile, the woman needs to be more flexible, - all her mentality is arranged in such a way that it is much easier for it to adapt to circumstances, than the man. Therefore if it seems to you that the husband offends you, you do not go to offense, and try to find out the reason of his act: in what you so offended him for what he revenges you? Choose time when both of you are in a balanced state and talk on this subject. After you find the reason of behavior of the husband, quietly explain that he the behavior offends you. When the husband sees that you seek to settle quietly the conflict, he with pleasure will meet requirements of you.

2. Consult on the husband on any trifle, it you will spill the sea of balm on his vanity and claim in a thought that without it nothing in your family is solved. Perhaps, you do not want to indulge him so at all. And why to ask what dress to buy you if it is not its business at all? But think here of what: when the husband is confident in the situation in family when his authority is firm, it has no need to fight for the place in the sun with the wife. Feeling as the strong man, he will want to indulge you, the weak woman. Therefore all these useless, at first sight, actions eventually will do you good.

3. You praise the husband in eyes and for eyes more often. This simple action will bring to your family double benefit. First, the husband will seek to correspond to your opinion on it therefore it makes sense to praise it not only for what it is, but also for what you want to see it. Secondly, you learn to see its advantages and like a thought you got what beautiful husband. And after this the majority of your family problems as from the relations the discontent on which they usually are based will disappear will leave.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team