How to solve problems in the relations

How to solve problems in the relations

Periodically in any relations there are problems. The main task not to get rid of all problems – it is impossible. It is necessary to learn to solve problems so that this decision was final and did not allow problems to raise and kill your feelings.


1. Always listen to the partner and do not try to be protected. Your darling is upset, and sometimes it is rather simple to it to express. The attempt will be protected to be perceived as inattention of you. In your darling emotions bubble, let's them be splashed out, and already then quietly try to discuss a problem together. Apply technology of active hearing.

2. After the stream of charges runs low, it is worth apologizing. Tell that you understand discontent with a situation, agree that the problem exists, and begin discussion.

3. Try to find a solution together. You do not hurry to do cardinal offers. Turn discussion so that the decision was made mutually that it was for the benefit of both parties then it will be easier to realize it.

4. If the decision made by you does not suit the opposite side, in advance offer certain compensation. The girlfriend will much easier transfer your absence on a family celebration if in exchange you offer her evening together at fashionable restaurant.

5. If an initiator of discussion of a problem are you, be convinced that time is chosen correctly. It is unlikely your partner will treat with due consideration to your claims if hurries on an important meeting. You have to be sure that you have enough time. If the subject of discussion is really important, coordinate time when you are able to discuss this issue.

6. You cannot know for certain what happened, will not hear opinion of the partner yet. Be not fond of telepathy. If you want to learn for certain – just ask. Sometimes the most improbable things have the most usual explanation. Do not spend the nerves.

7. You do not bring a situation to a limit. If you feel that you lose over yourself control, take a break better. All the same nothing constructive will turn out now. Have a rest, take a break for 10-15 minutes, walk and calm down. After that it is possible to return to discussion of a problem. Try to finish a conversation only on a positive or neutral note.

8. Do not quarrel in public. Impose on any showdown in the crowded place of a taboo. Never quarrel, do not begin to sort out the relations in front of foreign people. In advance agree about this rule. And especially, never invite as referees of your dispute of friends or relatives. These are only your relations, and here, as in a bed, – the third wheel.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team