How to spin intrigues

How to spin intrigues

Life is not always ready to give an opportunity to achieve the objective by honest methods, sometimes it is necessary to choose roundabout ways. But also they demand from the person of dexterity and knowledge. For example, not everyone is able to spin intrigues correctly


1. Choose an object of your intrigue. Certainly, you pursue a definite purpose which you want to reach, but one purpose for success is not enough. The intrigue will be effective, only if it is directed to someone. Sometimes it is an obvious object – so if you want to achieve salary increase, try to rally collective against the chief. Sometimes it is possible to choose also more difficult way.

2. Pay attention to the word ""rally"". The correct intrigue will demand from you ability to adjust communication. In fact this way to achieve the objectives assumes that you attract other people that they helped you on this way. They become for you means, but means which needs to be prepared at first.

3. Estimate group of people among whom you will spin an intrigue. You need to find out, eat in it the person who will easily transfer your gossip to others, or it is necessary to involve several participants at once. You should not be used both methods, choose one: or report to the found person negative hearing about that against whom the intrigue is directed, or communicate to several people, but at the same time use different gossips. Pay attention that the nature of these data should not have accusatory character. It can be the veiled condemnation or even ostentatious sympathy. Participants of your intrigue should not feel that you try to use them, in their eyes you need to remain in the most advantageous position of the innocent person.

4. You monitor action deployment. Avoid excessive intervention in process after the first step. Only if you see that disorders gradually calm down, and the objective is not achieved, - support fire by the new fact blackening your object.

5. Study weaknesses of people skillfully to weave an intrigue. It will allow you to understand that it will most of all revolt this person that will incite him against subject to your actions that will really touch its emotional spirit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team