How to start office romance

How to start office romance

Office romance - the widespread phenomenon, the modern person spends at work much time. Long communicating on service with the attractive employee, it is easily possible to be fond and want bigger. But whether it is worth starting office romance?

How to start office romance

Let know to men that you searching. It is enough to report in a conversation with the gossip about the loneliness or desire something new as news immediately will scatter on all departments. After that all potential gentlemen will pay attention to you.

Give to the interested men response. After your statement it is necessary only to answer compliments, flirting and to keep up the conversation. You keep within decency and do not behave too well.

Be careful not to accept politeness and lungs flirtation for the offer to meet.

Choose the lover carefully. It is not necessary to create the affair with the chief, in the worst option you should leave with the spoiled reputation. Married men should be avoided too, especially if you the free woman. First, it is ugly to take away the husband and the father from family. And secondly, such relations only complicate life. Do not show feeling for show. When office romance is in full swing, it is difficult to behave exactly with darling. But do not forget that your reputation and work depends on your self-control. Do not risk career for the sake of the novel, communicate with darling in a lunch break and after work.

If at your work office romances are forbidden, do not show the feelings in working hours in any way.

Safety rules

Not in all firms approve office romance therefore it is worth hiding the relations. If it affects quality of work, the administration will put the clamps to fire you. You speak to nobody about the novel, especially at work. The less people know your secret, the longer it will be a secret. Do not keep up the conversation about your darling and avoid a subject of private life. Be constrained at communication with the elect. Talk only on work, discuss projects, but do not lift a problem in the relations and do not quarrel in the face of colleagues. Try to be not prejudiced if it is necessary to appoint the new head or to punish for mistakes. Do not leave proofs. Do not leave a note with the signature, do not send declaration of love in working mail, you do not call on corporate number not on business. When you go to a business trip together — book different rooms.

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