How to stick to the man

This question often raises smiles and even laughter, as at women, and men. And the relation to women's stickings at all a miscellaneous. Of course, if the lady begins to run after unfamiliar or even familiar man, it is already search. But competently and unostentatiously to show to the man that he is interesting to you, it is necessary to be able. Besides, many men are very passive and are not sure of themselves, and wait for your first signal.

It is required to you

  • Courage, resourcefulness, imagination, charm.


1. Ridiculous question. It can be any non-standard question or a remark. For example: "Where is nofelt" (all remember this comedy), a non-standard remark - "You pushed me. Ah, it were not you, it is so a pity (laughter)", a draw – "Mischa as I am glad you to see. You not Mischa? But I am all the same very glad (laughter)". And so on. The more ridiculously, the he will understand quicker in what business. If man normal, and you are pleasant to it, then after that he will begin to act. You will beat off still.

2. Include imagination. It is possible will lean against it in the subway in rush hour and to primotat imperceptibly the hair to a button on his jacket. Until you "untangle" this situation, everything will develop by itself.

3. Operation "Skilful Hands". Ask your subject to stickings to help – to repair, repair. Better something not really considerable. If you houses – after work invite it to a table, put a wine small bottle. Little by little. Everything will go by itself. If at work, treat with coffee as a token of gratitude.

4. Include language of gestures – be relaxed and free. Smile, look, wave head. The shoe falls from a leg. Remember classics: "a look in a corner, on a nose, regarding".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team