How to stop loving the man?

How to stop loving the man?

The love is evil, will fall in love and … - undoubtedly, all women know this saying and many, alas, not by hearsay. Many for many years dream of falling in love, and some look for ways how to stop loving the man and for this purpose have all reasons. If the feeling is not mutual if the love brings only anguish, and a love object impudently uses such weakness or it is married, then it is quite natural that once the woman begins to think of how to stop loving and forget the man.

First of all, it is necessary to realize that there is no magic tablet, having swallowed which, it is possible to get rid of strong feelings immediately. I want to stop loving the man - many so think, but whether desire strong and conscious is valid? If this is so, then our councils how to stop loving the beloved, precisely help.

How to stop loving the beloved?

  1. The key to success in any business – the correct spirit. You have to make the accurate and irrevocable decision. I want to stop loving the married man (or just the man) – desire it is necessary to experience it! At all hopes that all to be adjusted, the person everything will be good to change and, in your heart should not be.
  2. When you are shipped in strong feelings, suffer from one-way love, you just have no time for self-development, a language course, beauty shops, visits of cinema and meetings with girlfriends. Now, when you are free, can be engaged thoroughly in everything that you so love. Indulge yourself shopping, watch cheerful movies (only not about love), enjoy music! All this with guarantee will distract from sad thoughts.
  3. Banal, but effective way – take the handle and paper and write the list of thirty (it is impossible less) defects and shortcomings of your object of desire. Everything will approach what to be remembered – curve teeth, inability to constrain aggression, grammatical mistakes in SMS, lack of good manners and love for hamburgers! Re-read the list every day, and hang up it in a visible place, on the fridge better, for example. Thanks to it, the idealized image of darling will soon grow dim and you will just rejoice that this walking embodiment of defects now not near you!
  4. If you are not capable to enjoy life yet, suffer with all the heart, it is only short. You are able to afford week of a depression, but if it drags on, then it will become difficult to operate it. If there is a wish to cry, do not constrain yourself, otherwise negative emotions will hide inside and it will be heavier to get rid of them. It is possible to porydat, examining photos of darling or where you with him together or re-reading his letters, sms. But after that get it together and be engaged in business – cleaning, for example.
  5. If during this period of life you have nobody to share the tragedy and a row there is no one who will console and will support, it is possible to splash out emotions on paper. Write to the ex-beloved the letter, describe the feelings, state everything that became painful. At the end of the message say goodbye to it and explain why you cannot be together. And it is even better – write why a love object just does not deserve that near it there was so amazing woman! The letter cannot be sent to the addressee at all, it needs just to be burned!
  6. If the first stage of sufferings and life without darling is complete, it is time to have a really good time! Organize a party with friends, have fun in night club with girlfriends. Even a banal sit-round gathering with the close girlfriend and a bottle of wine in kitchen will work on you istselyayushche. Do not remember loss only at all, you do not speak with anybody on And Me and without It It Is Good, and It, a Goat …. Have just a rest and enjoy life!

How quickly to stop loving the man, nobody knows, to get rid of strong feeling is not easy. But here is how to force itself to stop loving the man, we precisely know. Take the listed above advices, and you will be open for new love soon!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team