How to stop the man

How to stop the man

In the relations between the man and the woman there can come the moment when partners move away from each other and between them there is a wall of misunderstanding or offense. Reasons for this purpose weight: grinding in of characters, test in distance, household disorders, financial difficulties, treason. All this can lead to a gap.


1. Analyze a situation. Try to understand in what the reason of the arisen problems and solve it peacefully, without scandals. The conflicts and quarrels will not bring in the understanding relations, and will only aggravate situation. Do not torment the man with scenes of jealousy, try to surprise him with the quiet and reasonable behavior. Perhaps, your indignation is aroused by trifles, try to be more indulgent to its weaknesses.

2. Study the man. Try to understand what lines and qualities in you do not suit him. Be not afraid to go on compromises. Having conceded to it and having constrained the true emotions, you will be able to win a lot of things – to keep your relations and to warn a gap.

3. Quite often men leave because the relations lose former passion, turn into the ordinary and a family life. Perhaps, it makes sense to add new paints to daily occurrence. Change image (hairstyle, clothes style), register in dances or find to yourself some unusual hobby. Surprise the man. Let he will see in you the new woman.

4. Stop to sponsor the darling, give him a little personal liberty. You should not drive him into a framework of life and duties. Understand that he needs to have a rest too and sometimes to collect the thoughts, to be to one.

5. Perhaps, you need really to release the man, but only for a while. You have to experience a situation well. In such cases the principle of "elastic band" usually works, the more you delay it, the quicker it returns, and with the man. Having given the chance to it to move away, do not worry, soon it will return to you. Only be careful that at this moment your communication was finally not torn off by the competitor.

6. If your man had other woman, you should not roll up the hysteric or to make rash acts. Try to treat it with a shred of female wisdom. Analyze why so left. If the reason at least partially in you, change the behavior and change. Be a cut above the competitor.

7. Perhaps, your man does not accept something in the sexual plan. Try to talk to it about it. If problems arise in a bed, you should diversify your intimate life, to bring in it new impressions and feelings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team