How to struggle with enemies

How to struggle with enemies

Enemies and envious persons appear at the person when he succeeds. Generally this situation arises at work. If your problem in it is at favourite work, at the good administration there is somebody, putting a spoke in the wheel, - means, to you there will be useful councils how to struggle with enemies.

1. If your foe likes to row and is ready will organize a squabble with you because of any trifle, it is necessary to remember that the main goal of the rowdy is to provoke response of the interlocutor. The best tactics in this case - to remain externally quiet and indifferent to all its attacks in your party. At the same time not to be left without response to its shouts, you can answer quietly and ironically those complaint which it makes you. That it was less such attacks, try to avoid society of this person.

2. If your enemy is a gossip, then it is necessary to struggle with him differently. It is unpleasant to know that you are subject to discussions at work. To understand that behind your back someone dismisses rumors, it is simple - begin to look at you strange and even to giggle in a trace. In that case you monitor the behavior, the fact that as well as with whom you discuss. Remember that in operating time there are no friends. Therefore do not open the soul for unfamiliar colleagues. Usually the person dismissing gossips is always glad something to discuss, he inquires details and details about your life, accompanying a conversation with remarks like "And you what? And it that?"

3. Your enemy can be an envious person. Some envy secretly and silently, others - is opened, extremely negatively reacting to your achievements. Such people often bear the malice to the rivals and also can try to do much harm to an object of the envy. Do not reproach the person with envy, he also is so negatively ready to you. The best tactics of fight against it: not to notice, not to provoke, not to react. Try not to pay attention to jaundiced eyes. Do not provoke aggravation of envious feelings - do not disclose the achievements, do not show the awards, in a word, do not brag, for you only good friends and the family sincerely are capable to rejoice.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team