How to struggle with power vampires

How to struggle with power vampires

For certain you noticed that after communication with some people you feel as if a squeezed orange: there is a drowsiness, breakdown, yawning, sometimes a slight depression and a headache. All these symptoms are classical signs of loss of energy. Near you there is a power vampire. And here it is necessary to work considerably – to fight.


1. It is necessary to understand which of an environment is fed with your energy. Very often people whom you always considered as the best friends, good friends or sociable acquaintances can be power vampires. It is necessary to pay special attention to the following disturbing symptoms: suddenly you note unexpectedly appeared irritation and you want to finish rather communication with the person, intuitively you feel unprotected, during the conversation there is a feeling of the psychological attack, begin to feel chilled, sick and tired. If the friend constantly starts conversations about how he badly is to him, without undertaking at the same time anything to correct a situation – be on the alert, probably you faced the power vampire.

2. If the power vampire tries to entice you in an unpleasant conversation, try to keep silent or even to smile. Remain away from problems of the interlocutor, do not allow it to transfer to you all negative. Everything that is required to it - it is reaction which feeds people of this sort. Learn to abstract from feelings and own emotions which arise at you during communication. You take a detached view of all situation.

3. The vampire can choose and other tactics – to anger you. Try to think at this moment of something another, you are not angry even if you are tried to be cut to the quick. The rage also deprives of the person of vital energy, allowing the vampire to become impregnated much. Fatigue and irritation from communication with the power vampire can be removed by means of movies, favourite music, the book, verses or aromatic oils. After contact with the negative person take a contrast shower, drink sweet hot tea. Walk in the park or the forest, trees are capable to take away bad energy and to process it into positive.

4. Tear communication between the victim (yourself) and the power vampire. Place him visually under a transparent dome. For this purpose it is necessary to imagine the negative person under the turned can who cannot reach you. And in general the most effective protection against the power vampire is any termination of communication with it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team