How to subdue it a look

How to subdue it a look

Whether often you think of the fact that we put in the concept "love at first sight"? And meanwhile, this expression is used quite often. Means, after all there is some magic? Or it is not necessary to possess magical charms or abilities of a love spell at all to subdue the man at first sight, and it is enough to know several women's secrets?


1. That the man who was pleasant to you chose you, it is necessary to look at him specially. And this "magic" of a look can be fulfilled by means of simple exercises. At first it is necessary to relax. For this purpose sit down in a pose, convenient for you, in the comfortable place. Try to reach full immovability. Before eliminate all irritating factors in the form of bright light and the switched-on phone which can ring out any minute.

2. If you are ready to performance of the first exercise, begin it. Having found a suitable point in the room, concentrate on it a stare and delay it for about 30 seconds in the beginning. Repeating exercise, gradually increase time of "keeping" of a look up to 5 - 7 minutes. Thus you learn to concentrate attention on a subject of the adoration, and the man will understand at once that it is interesting to you.

3. The second exercise will teach you to look to the interlocutor in the face, without being confused and without looking away. For this purpose take a mirror and look in eyes of the reflection, at the same time try that the person did not express emotions, and the glance was not superficial, and got into depth. If at once it is impossible, do not despair: concentrate a look on a nose bridge of the reflection. Thus you will reach "effect of depth". Carrying out this exercise, several times open eyes more widely, raising eyebrows. It will allow to learn to increase a field of vision and the charm of easy surprise will give to your face.

4. Do not try to learn to look provocatively and too fixedly. It will cause rejection, than sympathy more likely. It is always unpleasant to be as an object for a research. The charm of the first look consists in his not persistence and softness, but at the same time your man has to feel every minute your attention and even persistence in achievement of the goal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team