How to subdue the girl

How to subdue the girl

Girls are mysterious personalities. They are always unpredictable and very lovely. Some do not trust in miracles at all, and others having even become adults, still dream of the prince on a white game or the knight in the shining armor. Therefore the young man needs to become this prince and to put a lot of effort to win the heart of the beloved. It is necessary to eclipse all admirers courting around the girl and to become for her the best.


1. To subdue the girl who very much is pleasant to you, forget about all the shortcomings and think only of advantages. Become the purposeful person. Set a goal and go to it, despite everything.

2. For a start try to learn more about the girl. About what she loves and what is fond of. Make friends with all her friends, then you quickly obtain necessary information.

3. Try to be always for it interesting. Pay the attention to what the girl tells. You learn to keep up the conversation. Read books, develop and improved. Then you will have more subjects for a talk.

4. Do not forget that girls like guys who have many various interests and hobbies. Be able to be distinguished from people who surround you.

5. Be always sure of themselves and independently solve problems. Show to the girl that you are capable to make serious decisions, to overcome any difficulties and you will be able always to take care of her. Emphasize the men's parties of the character – restraint and determination.

6. Never complain even if you have a bad patch in life now. Remember that in her eyes you have to remain the strongest, courageous and successful.

7. Shine with sense of humour. Laugh, you joke and add more positive to the life. Be active and self-assured. Laughter brings together people and disposes to communication.

8. Never deceive the girl. Any lie all the same will sometime come to light.

9. The appearance plays a large role in the relations with an opposite sex. You watch the appearance, be always tidy and accurate. Observe the style in clothes.

10. Do not assume that the girl thought that you have temporary relations and frivolous intentions. Convince her that it absolutely not so. Let her know about how she strongly is necessary to you.

11. Surround the girl with attention, care and love. Show her that you always are near and any minute you will come to the rescue to her.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team